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Plan to develop your business in foreign markets or intend to represent an international brand in Ukraine?

Then you have to negotiate with foreign counterparties, translate documents and project presentations to future investors, and you will definitely need the services of an interpreter.
And what is the prime necessity for creating close business ties with foreign partners? That's right - full mutual understanding in all matters of cooperation! Only a professional translation agency will help.

Evaluate our efficiency and reliability.
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What benefits do you get from working with a Winsell Group Translation Agency?

International relations

Expansion of international relations after a well-organized forum or event.


Good Reputation

Improving reputation amongst colleagues, existing and potential foreign clients, and partners.


Favorable deals

Conclusion of profitable deals and signing of contracts after exhibitions and conferences.


New technologies

Competent deployment and prevention of breakdown of imported equipment and computer devices.


Unique knowledge

Avoiding mistakes in the educational process and obtaining accurate professional knowledge.


Correct decisions

Guarantee of reliable information exchange and correct decisions on property and other rights or human health.


Effective organization

Organizational flexibility and comfort for all participants during meetings or large-scale events.



Saving your resources, facilities, and time on leasing technical equipment and comprehensive maintenance.

Your benefits from our professional interpreting service

Comfort for speakers and all participants of the event.

Double time savings (with simultaneous translation).

Guarantee of reliable exchange of important information.

Mutual understanding between multilingual people.

They trust us

When is simultaneous interpretation needed?

(With simultaneous translation, the speaker speaks in his manner, and the interpreter translates his words at the same pace to a large audience - using audio equipment or whispering):

The simultaneous interpretation of any negotiations between top managers and business owners

Any negotiations between top managers and business owners.

The simultaneous interpretation of professional conferences, conventions, symposia, large-scale forums, and hearings

Professional conferences, conventions, symposiums, large-scale forums, and hearings.

The simultaneous interpretation of top-level official and diplomatic receptions, buffet tables, and ceremonies
Official receptions

Top-level official and diplomatic receptions, buffet tables, and ceremonies.

The simultaneous interpretation of online and offline public training activities, watching educational films

Online and offline public training activities, watching educational films.

Meeting and seeing off at the airport, escort during various excursions and trips

Meeting and seeing off at the airport and railway station, escorting during various excursions and trips.

The simultaneous interpretation of court proceedings, hearings, meetings, and signing of civil acts and documents

Participation in court proceedings, hearings, and meetings, signing of civil acts and documents.

When is a consecutive translation needed?

(With consecutive translation, the speaker formulates a complete thought and pauses, then the interpreter translates his words as quickly as possible and with the utmost precision):

Consecutive interpretation of negotiations of middle-level managers, agreement of contracts

All kinds of negotiations of middle-level managers, agreement of contracts.

Consecutive interpretation of working meetings of specialists and personal consultations of experts

Working meetings of specialists and personal consultations of experts.

Consecutive interpretation of small-scale official meetings, meetings, or celebrations with public speeches

Official meetings, meetings, or celebrations with public speeches.

Consecutive interpretation of legal actions of non-judicial nature, visits to physicians, realtors, etc

Legal actions of a non-judicial nature, visits to physicians, realtors, etc.

Consecutive interpretation of individual and group training, lectures, master classes, consultations, seminars, and webinars

Individual and group training, lectures, master classes, consultations, and seminars.

Consecutive interpretation of international exhibitions, group excursions, visits to museums and festivals

International exhibitions, group excursions, visits to museums and festivals.

Why is professional interpreting so important?

Even if you perfectly master a foreign language, it is unlikely that you have the professional set of qualities and technical means that are required at meetings with foreign partners, especially at large-scale events.

Advantages of our expert interpreter
Good hearing

Has a good ear to catch every word of the speaker, adjusting even at a fast rate of speech.


Uses an active listening technique and is able to quickly focus on the speaker.

Good memory

Has a good short-term and visual memory to keep the meaning of what was said.


Laconically expounds thoughts and captures the mood of the speaker to accurately convey the speaker’s words to the audience.


Has a rich vocabulary and oratorical ability to be heard by all present.


Freely manages the power and intonations of his voice to emphasize important places in the speaker's speech.


Withstands prolonged physical, emotional, and speech loads during multi-day activities.


Knows cultural subtleties and phrases of the target language: proverbs, sayings, slang, phraseological units, dialects, etc.

Always in a trend

Constantly follows the innovations and development of the target language, and updates of electronic dictionaries.


Prepares for each event, and preliminarily studies the texts of speeches, if the customer provides them.

Sign language

Quickly recognizes the language of gestures and body movements, and skillfully conveys the emotions and mood of the speaker.


The style of our translator's clothes always corresponds to the subject and importance of the event.

Cost of simultaneous translation
From 1550 UAH/
1 hour

Simultaneous Translation Kiev
Minimal order: 3 hours
100% prepayment

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Cost of consecutive translation
From 950 UAH/
1 hour

Consecutive Translation Kiev
Minimal order: 1 hour
100% prepayment

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Why choose us?
We speak 57+ languages, including the native speaker level. We provide specialists in 45+ professional areas experiences in engineering, business, economics, science and other fields. Convenient order in one place for translation of texts, translation of sites, video, audio, games and presentations into several languages at once. We value every customer!
Specialize in popular European and official UN languages. Most often cooperate with "universal linguists", which affects the quality of narrow-profile translations. Not all orders are accepted. Sometimes do not call back and do not answer the letters.
We teach our translators etiquette and dress code rules. We improve the oratorical art of translators (articulation, reproduction of the speaker’s emotions, etc.) We invite communicative interpreters with a wide outlook and life experience, initiative in communication, and the ability to fill pauses in conversation.
Others select "people pleasant in all respects." Select interpreters "with competent and intelligible speech." Impose only professional requirements to specialists.
We provide interpretation services strictly by agreement and record them in the contract. We provide interchangeability of translators, in case of force majeure. We provide accurate translation of any specialized materials. We attract native speakers from the region with increased responsibility and risk: promotional translation, translation of presentations, medical translation, etc. We guarantee high quality of translations and stick to deadlines!
Others provide services under a standard contract. Have few full-time translators, because they cannot provide them with work. Sometimes they "disappear" just before the start of the event and you have to hastily seek a replacement. The format of completed translation of technical and specific materials sometimes does not conform to the original. Perform translations with help of ‘universal’ native speakers. Often delay the delivery of finished sizeable translations.
We provide translators in all cities of Ukraine and many countries of the world, i.e. we save you travel costs. We guarantee confidentiality already at the time of order placement, i.е. we protect not only commercial secrets, but also personal data. The cost of translation - from 90 UAH per 1 translation page (1800 cps) - is always calculated individually, taking into account the order volume, area and specifics of translation, bonuses and terms of long-term cooperation. The cost of interpretation is from UAH 950 per hour.
Others provide services within their city, at best, in Ukraine. Others provide guarantees in accordance with the contract and do not care about the security of their own web resources. Often there are leaks of confidential information due to staff turnover and unfavorable psychological climate in the company. Prices for translation are in strict accordance with the price list or promotions. Prices for interpretation often do not meet the criterion of optimal "price-quality" ratio.
We offer a convenient form of clearing payments, including PrivatBank, Visa / Mastercard. We rent audio equipment with all appropriate components and provide its technical support. We have a discount pricing policy that takes into account the volume of orders, comprehensive service and customer loyalty. We always fulfill our obligations!
Others use some form of payment for services. Offer clients to solve technical problems by own forces, in case of force majeure or event in another city. Are guided by the price list with seasonal or promotional discounts. Prices published on the website often do not correspond to real rates for translations, which is a "pleasant" surprise when calculating the order cost.
What our clients say about us

"I am engaged in manufacture of wooden handicrafts, for a long time I have been dreaming to try selling my handicrafts to foreigners. I would like to thank Winsell Group translation agency: the translated all the descriptions into English, wrote and translated the selling texts, helped place them on websites, arranged online payment and prepared several letters for correspondence with customers. I learned about them purely by chance, on the recommendation, and did not expect that it would turn out so quickly and for ridiculous money. And recently I ordered Skype negotiations with the first customer from the USA. Everything was great! The client will buy in small batches. I did not even dream about it)) My best recommendations."

- Sushchenko Vladislav, individual entrepreneur, wood master

"I ordered urgent translation of a 41-page contract into English and technical translation of a 56-page specification to prepare for negotiations with a potential partner from the UK. I received translation sooner than expected, in just three days. Then I paid for interpreting from English to Russian and back via Skype. I am very pleased, the negotiations were more than successful, the contract was signed, we will cooperate. Special thanks for the bonus of 11% discount!"

- Petrova Lyudmila, individual entrepreneur

"Translation office Winsell Group made us translation of medical documents into German for examination in Germany very quickly. We also ordered oral translation of the conversation over the phone. In just half an hour, they signed up for an appointment with a doctor, clarified all the details that were not found on the clinic's website, agreed about accommodation. Mom is happy. Thanks to managers and translator for a very attentive attitude!"

- Zvyagintsev Alexander, sailor, first mate

If you organize a large-scale multilingual event, then you will need a whole team of simultaneous interpreters will replace each other during the forum, if required. Do you require an army of full-time linguists for just one or two events per year?


In addition, translators and audience will need to be provided with special audio equipment consisting of microphones (for speakers and translators), headphones (for translators and audience), network communications, and a work booth (or booths) for translators. It’s better for rent such equipment and invite a team of professional translators with extensive experience of translation in the narrow-profile topics of your event. When you rent equipment from us, the cost of simultaneous translation is negotiable. You can always come to terms with us!

Submit an application for equipment rental! Send an application
Your benefits of renting equipment for simultaneous interpretation
  • You can select the components of equipment depending on the number of listeners, instead of keeping maximum expensive equipment in stock.
  • You are free to choose the venue for events, without being tied to specially equipped premises, which are much more expensive than improvised sites.
  • You can conduct large-scale events, scientific conferences and business forums with good sound quality tuned to a specific room in any city in Ukraine.
  • Reliability and quality of equipment, operative technical support during operation: adjustment, quick replacement or addition of kits, batteries, etc.

Special offer!

Order an interpreting and receive as a gift - 11% of the next order cost for any written translation on any subject by December 31, 2023.

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Our advantages and guarantees

We have a rich experience in translations of 10+ years, from/to 57+ languages. We employ 505+ full-time and freelance translators - professionals in their field.


Of 45+ topics and areas: IT translation, law, economics, management, advertising, medicine, technical and literary translation, translation of scientific texts, etc.


We appreciate your time and always make translations on time! We can complete extensive urgent orders and orders "for yesterday". Make sure of this personally!


The finished translation is checked by editors, specialized experts, and proofreaders. The material is easy to read and completely preserves the form and substance of the original.

Do you want to order translation?
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How to order an interpreting?
Application on the website

You leave an application on the site or fill out the Brief and send it to us.

Calculation of cost

We calculate the cost of the interpretation service.

Selection of translators

We select you experienced translators for specialization.

Signing of the contract

Optional. We agree with you on the terms of the contract and sign it.

100% prepayment

You make full prepayment in any way convenient for you.

Event materials

You provide all materials for the event or event in advance.

Contacts of translators

We give you the contacts of translators and supervise their work.

Feedback on our work

We will be very grateful for your feedback on the work of our managers and translators!

Contact us in any way convenient for you:

Call or email us!

We are always open to cooperation!

Our address:

Ukraine, Kiev

Write us!

Call us!

+38 (0) 73 55 11 707

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